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Ultimate Guide to Car Exterior Care

Owning a car is a significant investment–  as we invest our time, effort, and money into its upkeep. While it helps us run errands and facilitate our daily tasks, we must take care of this valuable asset and ensure it stays in top-notch condition. 

How to protect your car’s exterior?  

To maintain your car in pristine condition, here are some effective ways to keep it protected and well-maintained. 

  1. Regular wash 

Washing your car regularly helps to remove dirt and other particles that accumulate on the surface. These pollutants can damage the paint making your car look less shiny. To ensure that your car remains neat and clean, you should wash it once or twice a week. Make sure that you use a microfiber cloth for cleaning as it does not leave any scratches or streaks behind. 

  1. Polish

Car polish is a great idea that helps to maintain your car’s exterior. Over time, a car’s paint can lose its shine due to exposure to UV rays and other pollutants making it look dull. Polish aims to improve the appearance of the paintwork by removing imperfections, light scratches, and swirl marks from the surface. It contains abrasive particles that remove a thin layer of oxidized paint to reveal a glossy surface underneath.

Car Polish prepares the surface for wax to adhere better and last longer. 

  1. Wax

Although wax and polishing are sometimes used interchangeably, they serve different purposes. Car wax is used to provide a protective layer on your car’s paint surface. It acts as a barrier against UV rays, dirt, and other environmental elements. While car wax can enhance the shine of the car’s paint, its main function is to protect the surface. For this reason, it is usually applied after the car has been polished. 

  1. Paint Maintenance

Maintaining the paint of your car is important because it serves as a protective layer for your vehicle’s exterior. Two effective methods for paint protection are Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film. 

  • Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the car’s exterior paint to protect it from everyday wear and tear. It provides a durable, and glossy protective layer on the paint surface against UV rays and oxidation. The coating’s hydrophobic properties repel water, making it hard for dirt and grime to stick to the surface. So, if you want your vehicle to have an added layer of protection, getting ceramic coating done is a good choice. 

  • Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent shield applied directly to your car’s surface, providing extra protection against scratches, stone chips, and other physical damages. PPF is more durable than ceramic coating as it preserves your car’s paint for a longer period, making it look pristine. 

PPF is commonly used on the front bumper, hoods, fenders and other vulnerable areas.                                

  1. Wheel and Tire Care

To maintain the exterior of your car, you must regularly clean the wheels and tires to remove the dirt and grime from the sidewalls. Use suitable cleaners and brushes to clean hard-to-reach areas. To preserve the wheels, apply a wheel sealant to protect them from corrosion, while for the tires, use tire dressing to achieve a shiny and glossy look. Regular maintenance will help to protect the exterior appearance of your vehicle, making it look visually appealing. 

What Car Exterior Detailing Services Do We Offer?

At Okayker, we provide all of the services mentioned above to keep your vehicle’s exterior in pristine condition. 

  1. Basic car wash: To keep your car clean and tidy free from all the bird droppings, avail our basic car wash. This includes using water, soap and brushes to clean the exterior body of your vehicle. We offer a car wash service at a charge of Rs. 800. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us! 
  1. Premium car wash: If you want to give your car a more royal and deluxe treatment, you should choose premium car wash. This includes both– exterior and interior cleaning such as interior vacuum, dashboard polish, wax, engine bay cleaning, door side polish as well as exterior body wash and polish. The charges for this service are Rs. 1500. 
  1. Weekly Car wash (4 Washes in a month): Want to maintain your car but don’t have the time? Don’t worry! Our weekly Car wash package includes exterior wash including rims and tires,interior vacuum, dashboard cleaning and dressing to  keep your car neat and tidy. The customer can avail the service four times in a month. 
  1. Ceramic Coating: As mentioned above, our gurus apply a thin protective layer to a vehicle’s paintwork to shield it against UV rays, scratches and stains. We provide a 6-month warranty on this service and it is charged for Rs. 12000. 
  1. Paint Protection Film: PPF aims to protect the vehicle’s surface from scratches and rock chips. It is more durable and long lasting than ceramic coating. Hence, we offer a 5-year warranty for this service. 

Tips for Long-lasting Exterior Detailing 

Regular car care does not only enhance your car’s appearance, but it also helps to maintain its resale value. Here are some basic car care tips that you can follow to extend the life cycle of your vehicle. 

  1. Regularly wash and clean your car 
  2. Use microfiber towels to clean the vehicle’s surface as it helps to prevent swirl marks 
  3. Park in shaded areas or use a car cover to minimize the effect of UV rays
  4. Use ceramic coating for long-lasting protection against the elements or apply PPF for higher resistance 
  5. Maintain a regular detailing schedule to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime

Treat your car with care, and it will reward you with many miles of joy and unforgettable experiences!

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