Brakes can be the difference between life and death on the road, so you must always be aware of how your brakes are functioning and notice the signs and symptoms of your brakes deteriorating. Following are a few dos and don’ts for you to increase the life of your brakes and to ensure that they never fail you.

Prevent Unnecessary wear and tear

By making minor adjustments in your driving habits you can prolong the life of your brakes. Over speeding and braking hard, especially when the car is carrying a full load, will result in brake pads wearing out quicker, so a better option is to allow your car to coast in gear and decelerate before applying brakes. Two-footing also results in brakes being applied harder than they need to be and results in brakes requiring replacement faster. Maintaining appropriate distance from the car in front of you will also prevent hard braking which deteriorates your pads over time.

Maintaining your brakes

If you notice weird screeching and squealing cries from your brakes, or if the brake pedal has to be pressed far before brakes are engaged, or if the pedal feels especially hard you need to inspect your braking system. This mainly involves checking your brake fluid lines and replacing or servicing your brakes. Typically, brake pads last 80,000 kilometers, but this highly depends on the traffic and the way you use them. You can contact the most reliable online car repair service to come and inspect your brakes and diagnose whether they need to be serviced or replaced.

Invest in your vehicle

Pakistanis generally do not put a lot of importance in the maintenance of their vehicles, nor do they have time or the capacity to invest into it. In order to save costs car owners use replica parts instead of approved aftermarket or genuine parts which are lower quality hence requiring frequent replacement, and damage to the vehicle. A genuine part lasts 10 times longer and results in long term saving so it is much better to invest in them to avoid recurring expenses. The best mechanics in Karachi will always recommend buying genuine over 1st or 2nd Copy parts.

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