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How to prepare your car for the rainy season? 

There’s nothing more Karachiites dread than heavy rains. As much as we eagerly anticipate the monsoon season, our excitement often turns into apprehension, once the season arrives. Heavy rainfall wreaks havoc on valuable assets including our vehicles, every year, leading to millions of rupees in repair and replacement costs.

For the upcoming rainy season, we’re here to share some useful car care tips that you must follow, to safeguard your vehicle from the potential downpours.   

Windshield wiper service

Start with the basics, that is, before the monsoon season kicks in, make sure you get your wiper service done. When the wipers are maintained and serviced properly, they not only help in clearing the rainwater from the windshield effectively but also provide clear visibility while driving. If the wiper blades are worn-out, it is recommended to get them replaced immediately to avoid any road mishap. Besides, it is also essential to make sure that your windshield washer fluid reservoir is full to sweep away the rain and dirt from your windshield. This helps to give a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead, especially when there is an ongoing heavy downpour. 

Source: Photo by Charlie Deets on Unsplash

Brake service

While rainy conditions can exacerbate brake fade, regular brake service ensures that you can drive safely without fear of an accident or mishap on a slippery road. To ensure that braking is effective, you should regularly top up the brake fluid, as it will provide you with reliable stopping power, allowing you to navigate through wet and slippery roads. So, just as an umbrella protects you from rain, similarly regular maintenance of your car’s brake service will prevent skidding, allowing you to maintain control of your vehicle. 

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/sQ99E4tGTrUE9pSu5

Test your lights 

Make sure all your vehicle’s lights are in proper working condition, including fog light, taillight, headlight, turn signals, and hazard flashers. This is important not only for your car but for other vehicle drivers too, so they can spot your car from a distance especially when it's dark.  

Source: Photo by Faruk Tokluoğlu


Check filters 

Regular maintenance of the air filters and cabin filters is crucial to maintain optimal engine performance. Cleaning these filters before the start of the monsoon season ensures that there are no clogged particles, thereby enhancing proper airflow to the engine. Thorough inspection and cleaning of the filters will help your car to withstand the challenges posed by the rainy season. 

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/LaAXpHh4L119kZYg7

Check vehicle fluids 

Similarly, before the start of the rainy season, checking different kinds of fluid, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, washer fluid, and coolant is essential to prevent the engine from hydro-locking and overheating. Topping up these fluids will prevent your car from breaking down in the middle of a storm! 

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/jiWjX8LxhjUj9JS66

Check your tires

Always remember that bald or worn-out tires are susceptible to skidding, leading to potential accidents or hazards on the road. Make sure your tires have sufficient tread depth to maintain traction on wet roads. If not, replace them. Before the onset of monsoon season, keep an eye on the air pressure of your tire. Do not over-inflate as this may result in tire bursting. 

Source: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


Carry spares 

The most simple and easiest tip to prepare your car for the rainy season is to carry spares along! Whether they are spare tires, jumper cables, car tow chains, or spare engine oil, these will become your ultimate saviors during harsh weather conditions. Especially, when you are stuck with little or no help!  

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/45MFihU48FvZfkph9

Check your car battery 

Last but not the least, make sure your car battery is not weak. If it is, you should consider getting it replaced to avoid getting stuck during the rain. 

Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/vyXjbC61ZyivfYpq6

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