A battery acts as the primary source of power for any car. It should be the last thing you want in your car to malfunction. Just imagine your car stopping mid-way on a scorching summer day, having no idea how to fix it. To save yourself from such situations, having enough know-how to maintain your car’s battery is a must. 

If you are a beginner, you might think of it as a significantly difficult task. However, that’s not the case. To keep your battery in a good condition is a fairly easy task. We have shortlisted some tried and tested methods to ensure the health of your car’s battery and keep your motor running. 

Tried and Tested Methods to Maintain Your Car’s Battery

Battery’s fluid level

To ensure a better driving experience, the first step is to check the water or fluid level of your battery. If it is low, you will simply have to add some distilled water to it. 

To check the fluid level of your car, unscrew the vent caps that are located on the top of your battery and take a sneak peak inside. If the fluid is covering the battery plates, you are good to go. If not, pour some distilled water to it, until the water covers them. 

It is important to note that adding small increments would be a fairly smart decision. Overfilling the battery can cause leakage, in turn possibly damaging the battery. 

Drive Regularly

If you’re going out on a vacation for more than two weeks, do not forget to disconnect your battery terminals before leaving. 

It is suggested that you drive or start your car at least every day or two. It will help your battery to stay warm and charge easily. In case you are not driving regularly, your battery power is at risk to drain, making it useless, and leaving you with no other option but to disconnect it. 

Switch Off the Extras

Before turning the engine on, make sure that the extras, namely air conditioner and headlights are switched off. The reason being that it puts some extra stress on your battery. In result, your battery will have a shorter life span. 

Clean the Terminals

Usually, the battery terminals accumulate acid and dirt on their top. It can become a hurdle between you and your boss waiting for you at the office. Therefore, keep your battery clean. An easy way to get it sorted is by making a paste of baking soda and water. Then, scrub and neutralize the terminals. Lastly, wipe it with cold water and you are done. 

Close the caps tightly

This might seem very obvious, but you can easily oversee it, as this small negligence can cost you a fortune. Make sure that you close the battery caps very tightly. By doing this, you can prevent the acid from leaking and sloshing in your car. This can save you from acid burns as well. 

Do not over-charge

Excessive charging of the car’s battery can lead to serious damage. It does more harm than good and can lead to another battery replacement way before due time. 

Used Batteries Are Not Worth It

Buying used batteries can seem like a good option considering that it would save you some money. Mechanics in Karachi suggest to buy used batteries as there relatively cheaper and comes along with a short-period guarantee as well. Eventually you will have to buy a new battery, which will cost you more money. Used batteries can last 1 month and can go up to 18 months, the longevity of the battery is simply a test of faith. Ideally, it’s best just to spend extra and get a new battery instead. Dry batteries are slowly becoming a running item, as there is hardly any maintenance required for it.

Battery Maintenance Checklist

Now that you know some easy ways to make sure your battery has an optimal performance, use these tips as a checklist before driving. Incorporating these tips into your daily driving habits will save you the time and hassle of going to the service center every other day.

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